Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Post! Biases or Boyfriends?

KEKE. Hi guys! I don't really know how to start this but...i decided to go simple. :) Basically, I AM A KPOP FANGIRL. I am a loyal VIP, BABY, Hottest, Blackjack, and Kissme. I'm so excited about meeting all my fellow fangirls/boys in the future! The thing is, I've been thinking about making this blog for a while, but just a few hours ago my sister was dissing kpop (as usual D:), so i decided to make this blog and show her how strong kpop fans really are. 

So, a bit about this fangirl. I've been into kpop for almost a year now, which all started after watching DREAM HIGH <3. My favorite groups (in no particular order) are Big Bang, 2pm, B.A.P, Epik High, U-Kiss and 2ne1. Silly probably got that from the fanclub names up there ^. Writing a blog is making me more nervous than I thought it would be lol... I like loads of other groups too, but those are the ones I spazz the most over, I'm sure y'all know the feeling :P

So, I don't want to write realllyyy long posts, but rather try to update as often as possible. I'm planning to do mainly reviews (which shouldn't be too hard considering all the new groups debuting every other week!), as well as photo/video updates and personal rantings of a fangirl. I live in Hong Kong, so kpop idols always have concerts on their tours here, so I might write about those too (BIGBANG CONCERT THIS DECEMBER!!!) Oh, and also maybe the occasional K-drama. 

That's all for now! Don't be afraid to comment/contact me, so that I know people are actually bothering to read this, and please support/subscribe to me <3

P.S. I'm convinced I'm going to marry either 2PM's Wooyoung or Big Bang's Seungri. There's  a fine line between Bias and Boyfriend ;)

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Anonymous said...

pretty cool

Anonymous said...

love your blog, you seem really nice :) looking forward to your future posts! <3

- kpop lover